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Crafty provides the services to manage your pantry, catering, cafes, and supplies across all of your offices and remote employees – all on one platform. 

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We have this excellent service for special occasions, and your working days will make your day a pleasant experience. We are here to serve you.


Adequate packaging to keep the components at temperatures in accordance with sanitary standards.

gluten free

We have gluten-free options that include a variety of healthy foods.


We offer you a variety of flavored waters, with fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs, spices, and imagination to combine the ingredients harmoniously.



We invite you to enjoy our station coffee and tea, at any time of the day take a break and make it special.

wrap parties

Rio Crafty will organize an unforgettable wrap party for your team, contact us.

Since 2022

About Rio Crafty //

Our vocation of service and hospitality has made us known in New York through having worked for various restaurants, film production companies tv, and corporate catering platforms, this time, I present myself independently offering the service of crafty thank you for this opportunity to connect with the market, it is a pleasure to serve you, welcome. 

Our Vision

Expand our services, distinguishing ourselves between excellence and the preference of our clients hand in hand with the evolution and growth of the world of catering and crafty. 

Our Mission

Provide a quality service with delicious meals, incorporating products from different market brands that generate well-being and health from our crafty tables to corporate catering, with an excellent atmosphere and teamwork extolling our service vocation. 

Our Values

Empathy, respect, honesty, gratitude, tolerance, humility, and responsibility. 


Raving Reviews

For Riocrafty your opinion is very valuable, the loyalty of our customers reflects the quality of our brand.

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